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What We Do

The Elite Literary Book Group is built around discussing and building an understanding of great works of literature including American pieces, British, as well as world texts. We recognize that the strength of the literary canon is to be found in its flexibility as well as recognition that great books are great for multiple reasons. We provide training in various schools of criticism as well as strategies that can be transferred across texts and genres. The Elite Literary Book Group is an excellent supplement to any Pre-AP, AP or advanced honors program in English. We work with you to meet your needs.

In addition to close reading and discussion of literary texts, the Elite Literary Book Group also provides guidance in writing instruction and how to prepare, organize, and execute a well crafted, college level essay. We work on sentence crafting as well as organizational strategies for the various types of essays found in College Rhetoric courses as well as AP tests.

Both Rachel Beck and David Youngblood are certified teachers with Advanced Placement credentials as well as years of experiences teaching gifted as well as advanced learners.

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