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Your One Care Full Act

Updated: Jun 1, 2021

You’ll hear her voice sing-song around the ward

lifting a wing at the shore of your darkness.

I heard that, in another life, she too journeyed

through a storm, a kind of curse, with the ocean

rising darkly around her, fierce with cold,

rocks that tore her feet, the light on her shoulders.

--Leanne O’Sullivan, Leaving Early

Today’s message takes a less formal and more prayerful tone. Or rather, not a prayer as much as an ode, written from the deep respect we should be called to show those who continue to labor for our neighbors--the health professionals, the grocery workers, and truck drivers, the police and firefighters and first responders all, the teachers and ministers and all who minister to all that is soul and body and need. It is often easy to forget that these servants too have anxieties just as we do, these too have families just as we do, these too have all the issues and concerns we too face. And so, to those who continue to bless us with their service I offer this blessing:

Your One Care Full Act

May your one carefully unseen but not unnoticed act of kindness

become a balm to that

that we cannot voice,

nor dare to know how

to begin to voice.

We know too little

though demand within

to know all

and have answered all,

as if our hearts

were big enough

to contain all.

We know too little,

yet at this ledge we coil

and plunge deeply

in want

beneath the waters

Of the bottomless unknowable.

To trust to care

to those also in deep anxiety

is truly done in faith.

Your one care full act

renews, redeems, and restores.

May you be blessed

even as you, unseen, have blessed.

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